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What is continuous training?

A successful career never sees an end to learning. Continuous training is an investment in your employees’ growth, helping them hone their skills and advance in their careers. Circle LMS helps you build a culture of growth, enabling your people to bring their best work and achieve outcomes that mirror the success of your organization as a whole.

Why it’s important

Improve Retention

Continuous training keeps learning outcomes fresh, helping to boost retention of important knowledge.

Boost Skills

Build competence and diversify your talent by supporting uninhibited growth of new skills.

Empower Your People

Continuous training paves a path for career development, empowering your people to deliver their best work.

Unify Your Team

When your people are motivated, your whole organization reaps the benefits of heightened performance.

Why choose Circle LMS?

Circle LMS allows you to create highly customized learning paths for every user, paving the way for continuous growth. Our system automates the training assignment process based on any criteria that you set. This enables you to curate the perfect path for every learner, based on their previous training history and learning outcomes. With the multi-faceted tools that Circle LMS provides, it has never been easier to guide your people towards career development.

Our Features

Smart Training Assignment

Circle LMS’s artificial intelligence keeps training plans moving. Our system determines your employees’ training needs based on their previous training history, then automatically assigns them to the necessary courses to keep them moving on their learning path. This smart assignment maintains efficiency by ensuring that your learners receive just the right training for their specific needs.

Tools for Any Learning Path

Circle LMS’s open integration capabilities make it highly adaptable. With Circle LMS, you can interface with countless other applications, to create custom-fit learning experiences for every customer. Our system’s versatility allows you to take your continuous training in any direction you choose.

Custom Courses For Every Need

When it comes to online courses, Circle LMS allows for endless possibilities. Our online course creator tool includes photo, video, and audio file uploads, an intuitive quiz creator, interactive interface design, and more, allowing you to create engaging and personal e-learning content. Or you can simply upload pre-existing SCORM courses, seamlessly integrated into the system for centralized access.

Centralized Management

Effective management is key for supporting growth. Circle LMS equips managers with a comprehensive set of tools to track thousands of training records, all in the same place. Our system provides intuitive manager dashboards and automated summary emails, with all data updated in real-time. Circle LMS also integrates training completion records from external sources, allowing for seamless performance management.

Detailed Performance Insights

Circle LMS allows you to generate detailed performance reports for your employees, making it easy to stay on top of their training progress at any stage of the game. Circle LMS’s reporting tools allow you to filter results through advanced criteria, enabling highly customized reports. Plus, all data is always updated in real-time to ensure compliance for every employee.

Rewards for Achievement

Circle LMS comes equipped with fully integrated certification management tools, allowing you to reward achievement at any point in your employees’ learning path. Circle LMS provides you with pre-made certificate templates and allows for easy customization, to create rewards for all of your employees’ learning milestones.

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